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Since Open Source Learning was first implemented in English courses at Ernest Righetti High School in Santa Maria, CA, ongoing evaluations have consistently shown that students are overwhelmingly positive about the Open Source Learning environment. In addition to the enthusiasm generated among students (including many who are often hard to engage in traditional classroom or online settings), Open Source Learning has been shown to build skills and literacies that are increasingly relevant in the workplace, society, and educational institutions. These skills include: knowledge of technology and networks-as-social-systems, collaboration, creativity, communication, critical thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship. A growing number of K-12 schools and colleges are adopting Open Source Learning principles and practices.

David Preston[edit]

David Preston, Ph.D., is a teacher, author, and management consultant whose work explores issues involved in learning, community leadership, and organizational dynamics. Preston has taught at every level of public education, from pre-school programs in inner-city schools to advanced graduate seminars at research universities.

In 2004, Preston began teaching high school English courses. He integrated discovery learning and technology, and developed tools and techniques that merge the vast capabilities of online technology with traditional classroom studies. In 2011 he introduced “The Open Source School” at the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, CA. Since then Preston has presented Open Source Learning concepts and use cases at the Digital Media & Learning Conference, Computer Users in Education, The O’Reilly Open Source Conference, and TEDxUCLA.

Preston has appeared with students in online conferences with authors and researchers at the Macarthur Foundation’s Digital Media & Learning Hub at University of California, Irvine. In 2013 Preston began writing about Open Source Learning and contributed a chapter to Howard Rheingold’s Peeragogy Handbook.

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